Harnessing the power of corporate partnerships to accelerate innovation

June 04, 2018

StarFab will be exhibiting at InnoVEX on June 6-8

Startups are lean, agile, and can innovate faster. But they struggle with having limited resources and are highly likely to crash. Corporates, on the other hand, have huge amounts of resources and valuable connections. But they are less adaptable to change and tend to move slowly.

That’s why corporate innovation programmes are important: it is a way for startups and corporates to work together to achieve a goal of innovating faster.

This is the reality that Taiwan is addressing. As the country guns for worldwide recognition as a global innovation hub, it has fully embraced the idea that for that recognition to happen they would have to bring together the key players of their business landscape.

The result is StarFab Accelerator, a spinoff of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which is the largest industrial technology research organisation in Taiwan.

StarFab specialises in corporate innovation programmes, having partnered up with close to 30 enterprises in the country. By enabling startup growth through market access opportunities and strategic guidance from enterprise executives, the survival rate of startups who have gone through StarFab’s programmes are as high as 95 per cent, with 47 per cent of StarFab’s startups successfully raising their next round upon exiting the program.

Their programmes are open to both Taiwanese and overseas startups and include:

CIAT Program

The CIAT Programme is in partnership with the Cloud Computing and IoT Association Taiwan and is the largest corporate accelerator programme in the country. It is participated in by over 18 enterprises from the telco industry, system integrators, manufacturers, research institutes, and MNCs.


STSP Corporate-Startups Program

The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) is a science and technology centre of over a thousand hectares situated in the south of the country that aims to become a high-tech and industrial talent centre, creating new jobs and fostering growth among the Park’s enterprises. The STSP Corporate-Startup Program is the largest accelerator programme in Southern Taiwan and has 7 participating enterprises from the semiconductor industry, machinery manufacturing, and financial institutions.


Advantech x StarFab IoT Program

IoT-focused accelerator that offers a chance to work closely with Advantech to explore business opportunities and , and opportunity to get seed funding.


Taiwan AI x Robotics Accelerator (TAIRA)

TAIRA is designed to fast-track AI and Robotic startups by providing them with resources to develop their products and facilitating early engagement with potential clients amongst the enterprises in the Southern Taiwan Science Park.


This year, StarFab Accelerator will exhibit at InnoVEX, a feature exhibit at COMPUTEX TAIPEI. InnoVEX features almost 300 startups on display, a pitching competition, workshops, and 3 days of forums on topics ranging from AI, IoT, digital economy, the startup ecosystem, and technology policies.

StarFab’s booth will feature several of their startups’ solutions, including Starwing, offering centimeter-grade precision indoor positioning systems, and Beseye, delivering home security and business intelligence through its surveillance solutions.

In addition, StarFab will also be announcing the launch of an exclusive online expert platform, which will support StarFab’s startups through the diverse experience and expertise of close to 100 consultants.

StarFab is also looking for strategic overseas partners to bridge Taiwanese startups to overseas markets and funding sources, and to connect overseas startups with Taiwanese enterprises.

InnoVEX is happening on June 6-8 at the Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 3. Visit StarFab’s booth at G0315 and get to know more about their programmes and startup resources!

Source: https://e27.co/harnessing-power-corporate-partnerships-accelerate-innovation-20180605/

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