Beseye ∣ A.I. Smart Camera

November 23, 2017

“The world has come to be the responsibility of our generation,” said Shaq, founder and CEO of Beseye. “What we have to do now, is to prove that we can be trusted with that responsibility.”

As Shaq says, “What a startup really needs for it to be successful is to consult a professional. It must be able to comprehend what situation the team is in and receive advice and help from someone on the outside.”

Beseye participated in the CIAT Incubation Program last year, joining StarFab Accelerator and undergoing 5 months of incubation. StarFab assists startups to grow steadily and speedily though making corporate connections and receiving strategic investments. These startups are potential drivers of growth within these large corporations, putting StarFab in the unique position of being an external corporate innovation partner.

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