The STSP Corporate-Startup Accelerator Program

Corporates Supporting Startups Creating Innovation

A unique concept for startup acceleration, the Southern Taiwan Science Park gives promising entrepreneurs a chance to grow their startups with the support of an established, global enterprise.

The Southern Taiwan Science Park includes production, R&D, and industrial service districts. Key companies from every field have established their presence in the park. Participants of this original program gain access to the best industry consultants, facilities, and resources, along with unprecedented access to venture capital.

Startups selected to participate in this program will work with one of the park's leading enterprises: Himax Technologies, Tongtai Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd, Allring Technology, Geosat Aerospace & Technology.

•  Who can apply?

Startups working on innovative solutions in the following domains:
Smart Monitoring
Indoor Positioning
AI for Image Processing
Smart Manufacturing

•  Program Details

Fill out the application form.

StarFab will conduct an initial screening and present the most promising teams to the participating enterprises, who will examine the compatibility of the startups with their innovation and business goals.

The teams successfully paired with enterprise mentors will carry on to training and enjoy:

Quick entry to large enterprise value chain

Top of the line business strategy consultation

Ample resources to develop their product and penetrate global markets

Collaborations with leading manufacturers

Successful collaborations may lead to investment or acquisition offers