Taiwan AI x Robotics Accelerator

Taiwan AI x Robotics Accelerator (TAIRA) is an accelerator program designed to fast track startups working on AI and Robotics solutions. Taking place at AI_ROBOT@STSP, a base in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) established for the purpose of encouraging innovation and cultivating talent related to AI and Robotics. TAIRA seeks to support startups through early engagement with potential enterprise clients, access to funding, and a strong network of mentors.


The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) is the second largest science park in Taiwan. STSP boasts the word’s largest IC industry cluster, with a complete semiconductor and ICT industry. With competitive industries in southern Taiwan as the starting point, TAIRA focuses on 5 sectors - Smart Manufacturing, Smart Healthcare, Smart City, Smart Banking, Smart Agriculture, aiming to accelerate AI innovation from all over the world by enabling corporate-startup collaboration.

•  Areas of Focus

Smart City

•  Program Highlights

Through collaboration with enterprises, the program aims to accelerate startups by combining domain expertise with new and innovative technologies. Apart from providing access to test beds and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, TAIRA also supports startups through its support network of grants, investments, mentor network, and product development resources.

•  What we Offer

  • Business Collaboration: Startups will work with enterprises in Southern Taiwan on challenges and opportunities they face, leading to potential joint research and development of products, solution testing on testbeds, and sales through enterprise channels

  • Mentor Network: Mentors with deep industry and entrepreneurship experience will invest their resources and connections to assist startups in building development strategy and to fuel the success of their business.    

  • Funding: Pitch for the chance to get $1M NTD investment on Demo Day at the end of the program. Curated introductions to investors, and Demo Day will also provide startups with the opportunity to meet VCs, corporate investors, angel investors and foreign investors.

  • Startup Coach: Each startup will be assigned a dedicated coach, who will be your go-to person during the program for everything program-related, including working with enterprises, setting up your business in Southern Taiwan, and even if you need a sounding board

  • R&D Grant: Startups chosen for the program will also be eligible to apply for up to $2M NTD in grants. For more information please visit: AI Robot Makerspace Grant Program

  • International connections: we have partners in North America, Japan, and Southeast Asia who are able to connect you with overseas market channels and resources.

  • Community: Entrepreneurship is difficult, and formal and informal gatherings with entrepreneurs and members of the startup ecosystem provide opportunities to share your experience not only to share their experience in startups but also provide the opportunity to facilitate cross-domain cooperation.

•  Benefits of Joining TAIRA 2020


  1. AI_Robot Makerspace Grant Program

    • Who can apply: Startups chosen for the TAIRA program

    • Grant size: $500K-2M NTD (50% of the total project cost)

    • Costs covered: Rapid prototyping, product testing, consultant services, personnel expenses, travel expenses in Taiwan

    • Startups awarded AI_Robot Makerspace Grant should make use of the software/hardware resources from the AI_Robot Makerspace to develop the co-creation project come up with the enterprise during the program. The utilization rate of the software/hardware resources from the AI_Robot Makerspace should be no less than 50% of the product development timeline.

    • For more details, please visit the official website: https://ai-robot.scipark.tw/index.php

  2. Investment

    • Pitch for the chance to get $1M NTD investment on Demo Day at the end of the program

    • Introductions to VCs and strategic investors through matchmaking sessions and Demo day

  3. Marketing

    • Opportunity to exhibit international tech conferences (CES, 4YFN)

    • Opportunity to attend local exhibition in Taiwan (InnoVex)


  • Company less than 8 years old (registered after June 22, 2012)

  • Have at least a demonstrable prototype that has already been validated, and clear plans for commercialization

  • Technology-driven startup with a strong founding team and intellectual property

  • Have solutions in one or more of the following areas: Smart Manufacturing, Smart Healthcare, Smart City, Smart Agriculture

  • Startup must have the bench strength on the founding/ executive team to send at least one founder/senior member of the management team to Taiwan for the program

  • Willing to develop a tech cooperation with enterprises in southern Taiwan

Key Dates

  • Please note that dates are subject to change at the sole discretion of the organizer.

•  Program Details

(1) Registration:

Participating startups are required to apply online via the following link and upload pitch decks prior to the deadline:

Apply Here:https://pse.is/RR6WD


(2) Preliminary review:

Preliminary reviews will be primarily based on the information provided by startups in the application form. StarFab Accelerator may invite startups for online/ offline interviews to further understand the teams and products, and clarify information provided in the applications.


Participating enterprises will also select startups to participate in the “Demo Pitch”. The list of semi-finalists will be announced on the TAIRA Program website, and predefined enterprise challenges will be provided to semi-finalists in preparation for the Demo Pitch.


(3) Demo Pitch:

Startups will have the chance to present their proposals in response to the enterprise challenges, and meet participating enterprises.

Startups selected by participating enterprises will be able to join TAIRA for the co-creation phase.


(4) Co-creation:

Startups will work with TAIRA enterprises for approximately 4 months to work out the details of collaboration, and perform PoCs on enterprise testbeds. Startup coaches will support and assist startups in communicating with enterprises, to ensure


(5) Demo Day:

At the end of the program, startups will pitch and demonstrate the results of the program to a select group of investors, industry representatives and members of the startup ecosystem, with their enterprise mentors backing them up onstage to win up to $1M NTD in funding.

•  Enterprise Partners (new partners will be updated once they are confirmed)