CIAT accelerator is open for registration from now until April 30th.

We are looking for exceptional IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Industry 4.0 startups to join the Cloud Computing & IoT Association (CIAT) accelerator program! Startups will enjoy extensive mentoring in the fields of product development, business networking, marketing, and fundraising, in addition to getting an exclusive chance to do business directly with leading enterprises.

Launching this April, CIAT accelerator participants will benefit from 4 months of exclusive counseling from the leading enterprises in Taiwan.

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🔥 #雲豹十年 精彩回顧 & #校友溫暖回饋 🔥
🔥 #雲豹十年 精彩回顧 & #校友溫暖回饋 🔥
🔥 雲豹育成,十年有成 🔥 台達電子 柯淑芬 博士 台達副總裁暨企業策略業務發展和聯盟部總經理 專訪
🔥 雲豹育成,十年有成 🔥 台達電子 柯淑芬 博士 台達副總裁暨企業策略業務發展和聯盟部總經理 專訪
🔥 雲豹育成,十年有成 🔥 中華電信 謝繼茂 董事長 暨 台灣雲端物聯網產業協會 副理事長 專訪
🔥 雲豹育成,十年有成 🔥 中華電信 謝繼茂 董事長 暨 台灣雲端物聯網產業協會 副理事長 專訪
台灣雲谷雲豹育成 第九屆 Demo Day
台灣雲谷雲豹育成 第九屆 Demo Day
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【杏澤科技】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【杏澤科技】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【拿拿科技-Take體驗行銷】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【拿拿科技-Take體驗行銷】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【滿拓科技】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【滿拓科技】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【合谷新能源 】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【合谷新能源 】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【杰倫智能】
雲豹育成計畫第九屆 校友真心講【杰倫智能】

Who can apply?

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) or startups committed to the innovative applications as well as the software and hardware development of Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Industry 4.0, A.I., etc.

Teams that have not yet established a company but have invested efforts into the application and development of Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Industry 4.0, A.I., etc.

The origin of any technology contained in the competing works shall not violate any legal provisions or contractual norms with legal effects.

Teams of which the functionality of their competing works can actually be exhibited and concrete business service pattern planning can be proposed.

Program Timeline

Program Details


Initial selection will be done in the form of written documents review. Participating teams are required to submit the following two written documents prior to the deadline:

• Project Proposal:

Complete all registration of information online and upload company Pitch Deck (PDF).

• Consent Form:

After downloading the consent form from the application website and signing it with the company seal, please scan the signed form and upload it to the registration system.

• Application website:

Initial selection

The executive team might invite the founders/partners/managers of the participating startups for 20-minute interviews around the registration deadline to further understand the teams and products.

At the same time, after reviewing the project proposal, corporate mentors will select several teams to participate in the “Demo Pitch,” the semi-final matching.

The list of semi-finalists will be announced on the CIAT Startup Incubation Program website.

Semi-finals Demo Pitch

The teams that have passed the initial selection will be scheduled to present a 6-minute briefing, showcasing its existing products, and exchange ideas with enterprise mentors.

Enterprise mentors will select a team that possess potential and meets their predefined questions. The team is then required to select an enterprise as mentor before the end of the semi-final stage and enter the guidance period.


The finalist teams will receive entrepreneurship guidance for approximately 4 months. The enterprise mentor will assist each team in improving their products, adjusting their business pattern, securing marketing channels, or working directly with businesses.

As each team has different needs, communication with corporate mentors will assist them in obtaining the most desired or needed resources.

At the end of the guidance period, venture capitals will be introduced for evaluation. After considering the opinions of the enterprise mentors and venture capitals, the list of finalists will be announced on the CIAT Accelerator Program website.

Finals Demo Day

At the end of the guidance period, a final will be held on Demo day, inviting the startup teams and enterprise mentors to present and demonstrate their cooperation results. Startups will have the opportunity to receive a letter of intent from renowned VCs.



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