Do you provide funding for startups accepted into your accelerator programs?

Some of the programs we run provide funding in exchange for equity, others do not provide funding or require equity in return. For more details, please refer to the Accelerator Programs page.

Do we have to relocate for the duration of your programs?

If you are coming from overseas, we do realize that relocating is a big commitment. For this reason, we will evaluate each startup individually, and recommend the amount of time you, or your co-founders, spend in Taiwan based on your situation. If you are already in Taiwan, do not worry about having to relocate!

How can we apply to your programs?

Please refer to each accelerator program for instructions on how to apply to specific programs.

Where is StarFab located?

StarFab HQ is located in Taipei. It is home to some of the world-renowned IT companies, and top universities in Taiwan. We also have an office located in Tainan, in the southern part of Taiwan, to connect large enterprises and resources in the south with startups.
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