LivingPattern Launches Kickstarter Campaign for ALIVO

LivingPattern Technology, one of the startups mentored by StarFab through the CCAT incubation program, just kicked off its Kickstarter campaign for its latest product, ALIVO!
Working desk jobs and constantly using laptops and smartphones can keep us glued to one spot for long periods of time and prevent us from getting proper rest when we are at home. Day and night, ALIVO is there to remind users to stay active and get the best sleep possible, using small sensors called iBalls to track your movement.
When you have been sitting for too long, you will receive a notification on your phone reminding you of the amount of time you have spent sitting, along with recommended activities to get you up and moving. It also monitors your sleep, giving you a detailed report about your sleep quality each day. By using ALIVO to stay active throughout the day and get a good night’s sleep, users will find they have a lot more energy during the day to focus on the most important aspects of their lives.
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