StarFab Meetup | Going Global

During our highly anticipated StarFab Meetup yesterday, two speakers with plenty of experience abroad came to share on how to reach an international audience, and breaking into the global market.

Our first guest speaker for the night, Noa, CEO of Noa’s Mark, talked to the entrepreneurs present about “Why Marketing Means Business”, and especially emphasized how a successful business is much more than just selling a good product.
We were also excited to have an old friend of ours join us for the night, Quest Venture Partners – Asia Community Partner, Tai-Ku Chen, and speak about important things to know and keep in mind before, during, and after meeting a VC.
We welcomed startups from all over the world participating in this year’s TITAN Soft-Landing program last night as well, making it a remarkable night filled with networking and exploration of new partnerships and possibilities .
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