StarFab InnoVEX 2024: A Triumph in Innovation and Linking the AI Universe

The 2024 StarFab InnoVEX event has successfully concluded, drawing a global audience and marking significant milestones in innovation and business opportunities. Under the theme "Link the World, Lead to Growth," the event gathered government entities, businesses, investors, startups, and ecosystem partners to explore new frontiers in AI and smart technology.

StarFab Launching the Smart Galaxy Concept

StarFab, in collaboration with the NDC, CIAT, TEEMA, TWISA, and leading international tech enterprises, kicked off InnoVEX with a lighting ceremony to promote the Smart Galaxy concept. This initiative aims to build a robust AI innovation ecosystem, creating a fast track for startups to penetrate international markets and accelerate their AI journeys.

Exhibit and Host One-on-One Business Matchmaking

The Kaohsiung Economic Development Bureau joined forces with StarFab to support top startups from the Asia Bay Ecosystem. The event, titled “Asia Bay Innovation, Winning Together,” showcased achievements and facilitated one-on-one business matchmaking. Key players like FGD, SAGA Unitek Ventures, and FiNEXUS participated, linking domestic and international investments and partnerships.

Generative AI Discussions with CIAT Accelerator

Enterprise mentors from the CIAT Accelerator took the stage to discuss generative AI’s global trends and application opportunities. These talks provided valuable insights and resources for startups, guiding them on how to effectively enter both domestic and international markets. The exchange of ideas aimed to help AI startups expand globally and shape the future of AI.

Hsinchu AIoT Accelerator’s Continued Success

The Hsinchu AIoT Accelerator, co-promoted by the Hsinchu County Government and StarFab , has entered its third year. Having participated in InnoVEX in both 2023 and 2024, the program has attracted over 50 startup proposals and successfully matched 15 teams with enterprises. This year’s event, “AI in Hsinchu: New Highlights of Innovation and Sustainability,” continued to spotlight AI trends and applications. Leading tech companies and startup teams shared their experiences and resources, fostering an environment of innovation and growth.

Flytech and StarFab: Empowering Startups, Accelerating the Future

Global POS leader Flytech and StarFab co-hosted “Empowering Startups, Accelerating the Future,” an event focused on industry development trends and technological applications. Insights from corporate resources and startup alumni highlighted the event, energizing the atmosphere with innovative ideas and collaborative spirit.

StarFab and CIAT Seminar: Digital Innovation and Cybersecurity – The Future of Smart Manufacturing

Concluding the event, StarFab and CIAT hosted a seminar at COMPUTEX. This session brought together leading enterprises and startups to address cybersecurity risks, share practical experiences, and discuss innovative technologies in smart manufacturing. Emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, the seminar aimed to strengthen the supply chain’s protection through collaborative efforts, preparing for global market challenges.

Looking Ahead

StarFab is committed to driving AI development and supporting startups in their journey to the international supply chain. Through partnerships with ecosystem players domestically and abroad, we aim to foster innovation and create opportunities for growth in the AI era.

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