CIAT Accelerator Celebrates a Remarkable Milestone with Over 50 Million in Investment Intentions

The 11th Demo Day of CIAT Accelerator, Taiwan's most prominent theme-based corporate incubation program developed by the Cloud Computing &IoT Association in Taiwan (CIAT) and StarFab Accelerator, was a grand event at the Taipei International Convention Center on November 10th. Distinguished guests from around the world, including Ho Jin-tsang, Director-General of the Department of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and TCCIA Chairman Lee Shih-kuang, attended, alongside representatives from Mizuho Bank, the British Office Taipei, and over a hundred corporate and startup leaders. This gathering underscored a collective commitment to advancing Taiwan's industrial innovation.

Since its inception in 2013, CIAT Accelerator has embraced a “link the world, lead to growth” philosophy, successfully facilitating collaborations between over 168 startups and established corporations. This mentorship model has enabled startups to navigate market entry, gain field validation, secure business orders, and attract investments, thereby seizing international business opportunities. The program also focuses on driving innovative technology to spearhead corporate transformation and build a thriving industrial ecosystem, resilient in the face of rapid global changes.

Director-General Ho Jin-tsang, in his address, emphasized the critical role of startups in leveraging innovation to aid industrial upgrading and transformation. He acknowledged the pivotal role of platforms like CIAT Accelerator in fostering such growth.

Echoing these sentiments, CIAT Chairman Lee Shih-kuang reflected on CIAT Accelerator’s 11-year journey, highlighting the collective support from numerous partners that have fortified its industrial ecosystem, contributing to the enhancement of Taiwan’s technological industry.

This year’s Demo Day featured eight corporate mentors, including Far EasTone Telecommunications, NVIDIA, SYSCOM, Inventec Corporation, Delta Electronics, Chunghwa Telecom, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute, collaborating with ten innovative startups. This event showcased their joint achievements and ambitions for investment. Notably, SmartWise Intelligent Technology, partnered with Delta Electronics, clinched the System Innovation Award.

The CIAT Accelerator’s unique approach extends beyond mentorship, assisting startups in expanding into international markets. This year’s Tech-Startup Japan Award, an initiative to recognize startups with potential for expansion into the Japanese market, was awarded to Jusda and Xin Ya Network. Under the guidance of James Liu, Vice Chairman of the Taiwan Cloud Association and General Manager of SYSCOM COMPUTER ENGINEERING COMPANY, these startups showcased their capabilities in Japan, strengthening business ties through TCCIA’s extensive network.

StarFab Chairman Amanda Liu highlighted the importance of robust mentorship in the entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the distinction between necessary and desired actions in entrepreneurship. Under StarFab’s guidance, CIAT Accelerator has facilitated a powerful collaboration between large and small companies, leveraging resources for technological startups and propelling shared industrial prosperity.

Celebrating its 11th year, CIAT Accelerator looks forward to more collaborations and continued innovation in Taiwan’s technology sector.

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