StarFab InnoVEX Online Just Launched!!

InnoVEX – a global startup focused exhibition – is being held virtually this year, and StarFab Accelerator, Taiwan AI Robotics Accelerator, FlyTech x StarFab Accelerator, and 24 other outstanding startups will be meeting you here!

The exhibition team covers:

・Subject areas: smart factory, smart medical, smart city, smart retail, smart manufacturing, and health care

・Technology classification: 5G, AI, IoT, EdgeComputing, BigData, ImageIdentification, ARVRXR, and EnterpriseTools

Browse around and take a look!

InnoVEX Online 2021



【FlyTech x StarFab Accelerator】

2021 InnoVEX : Sets the Tone, Moving Forward!

On June 3rd, StarFab will also be speaking with MeshVentures, CeresCapital at the InnoVEX Forum. Don’t forget to tune in!
【2021 InnoVEX : Sets the Tone, Moving Forward!】
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