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Provider of professional marketing consultant services and creator of customized media content and marketing solutions.


Cloud-based gas monitoring system which allows gas providers to monitor gas levels in barrels remotely, improving the efficiency and quality of customer service, and allowing better inventory control. Also contains monoxide monitoring and alert system.


DaaS (Data As A Service)company, provides quick and precise data mining and data analytics.


Online classical music streaming and sharing platform.

TPE Shift Design

Creator of Kerebro, a real-time online marketing solution which allows enterprises to provide personalized services to active customers online, effectively turning browsers into buyers.


ECHO is the fastest opinion mining and sentiment analysis system in Taiwan, helping companies to understand public sentiment easily, shortening the decision making process for quick and timely responses and adjustments.


BLE Gateway to cloud solution provider, currently applications include Industrial 4.0 and long-term care smart solutions.


Inspired by building blocks for children, Arch88 combines creativity and stories with a cloud-platform to provide interactive modular toys and animated movies for kids.


OoAds - a cloud-based motion sensing advertisement system for multiple interfaces.


Dynamic evacuation guidance system, automatically plans and guides people along the safest evacuation route in case of fire.

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